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OnGuard Platinum Pitbull U-lock and Cable

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OnGuards new Platinum design Pitbull U lock and cable combo - Black.

This new and improved OnGuard Platinum Pitbull U-Lock with its Ø14mm shackle and new high-security key with 2 million combinations offers superior protection for medium to high crime areas.

Security features include the X4P four bolt locking mechanism which locks the Ø14mm hardened steel shackle on four sides. The new Z-cylinder is encased in ultra-hardened steel and resists picking, pulling or drilling. It also features BumpBlock technology which renders bump keys useless. The rounded design and centred keyway eliminate pry points while new all-metal end caps provide additional impact protection.

It is recommended to use the maximum security U-lock to lock your bicycle frame and back wheel to a secure object to protect them from serious attack while using the cable to secure the front wheel, saddle, helmet or other accessories from opportunist theft.

Userfriendly features include double rubber coating to protect the finish and paintwork of your bike, a snap-lock quick-release mounting bracket for easy on-bike storage and transport and five keys including one with an LED light for easy locking and unlocking after dark.

  • Shackle dimensions: 115mm x 230mm
  • Shackle diameter: 14mm
  • X4P Quattro lock mechanism secures the shackle to the crossbar in four places
  • TriRadius shackle resists prying or jacking and provides extra room for more locking options
  • Z-cylinder featuring BumpBlock
  • Weight: 1600gr
  • 1.2-meter x 10mm cable.
  • Quick-release mounting bracket
  • 5 new technology keys with over two million combinations
  • OnGuard security level: Maximum - Score 85/100