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  • Bike Lock, OnGuard Rottweiler armoured cable lock 8024
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Armoured Cable Bike Lock - OnGuard Rottweiler - 8024

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The Ø25mm Rottweiler armoured cable bike lock consists of a high strength twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel links. It is clad in vinyl and secured with an X2P double-bolt lock mechanism.

With a Sold Secure rating of Bronze, the Rottweiler is suitable for situations that do not require the maximum security offered by a quality U-lock or a heavy hardened steel chain but still need a significant deterrent. It is also ideal as a second lock when using two locks to lock your bike.

Although lighter and easier to handle than a chain lock, the Rottweiler with its Ø25mm is a substantial lock weighing in at 1770gr for its length of 1.2 meters. This is a chunky, solid-looking lock, which adds to its deterrent value but yet it is quite flexible and easy to use.

Security features include a lock mechanism that is encased in ultra hardened steel to resist pulling or drilling, Z-cylinder offering high pick protection, BumpBlock technology which renders bump keys useless and a cut-resistant hardened steel locking pin.

User-friendly features include a new double rubber coated lock head which along with the vinyl coating on the cable, protects your bike finish and paint. The main key is equipped with a micro-light for easy locking after dark.

  • Cable length: 1200mm
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Weight: 1771gr
  • Z-cylinder featuring BumpBlock
  • 5 Laser Cut Keys, 1 With LED Micro-light
  • OnGuard security level: High - Score 55/100
  • Sold Secure rating: Bronze