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  • Izumi Super Toughness track bike chain
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Izumi V Super Toughness Track Chain - Gold / Black

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Izumi's legendary Super Toughness chains are made from pure Japanese steel and they are the strongest, longest lasting and most beautiful bicycle chain you can buy.

Over 100 years, Izumi has painstakingly identified which materials are perfect for every part of the chain for longer-wearing, quieter, more efficient chains, for dependable drivetrains on every pedal stroke.

The connecting pins of the Izumi V Super Toughness chain are made from a special high-carbon alloy which brings a 300% increase in durability over a standard chain and abrasion resistance is enhanced using a proprietary surface treatment.

The V Super Toughness has long been a favourite of keirin racers and track racers alike due to its efficient power transfer and strength, and it is one of the very few chains that has met the extremely strict requirements and been certified by the NJS (the Japanese Keirin Association).


When there can be no hesitation and no doubt that your equipment will perform perfectly, you need an Izumi V Super Toughness track chain.

  • Colour:                 Gold and Black
  • Use:                       Track racing bike
  • Size:                      1/2" x 1/8"
  • Number of links:  106
  • Weight:                 380g
  • Material:               CroMo Steel
  • Made in Japan
  • NJS approved