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  • Izumi 6 - 7 speed bike chain Silver / Black in box
  • Izumi 6 - 7 speed bike chain click index
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Izumi 6 - 7 Speed Bike Chain Click Index - Silver / Black

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      Izumi have been designing and building bicycle chains for over 100 years, constantly improving the quality and performance of their chains through innovations in materials, manufacturing and design, Izumi’s drive to make better chains never stops.
      Izumi's 6-7 Speed Click Index Chain is a top quality bike chain offering long-running durability with a fully bushless link and flush connecting pins for the quietest, smoothest-shifting derailleur bike chain you can buy for 6-7 speed indexed shifting systems.

  • Use:                       Click Index 6 or 7 Speed 
  • Size:                      1/2" x 3/32"
  • Number of links:  116
  • Weight:                 331g
  • Material:               CroMo Steel
  • Colour:                 Silver/Black
  • Outside width:      7.3mm